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  LOIS 3D Pre-clinical Mouse Imaging System


LOIS 3D Pre-clinical Mouse Imaging System

  LOIS 3D combines light and sound to produce a three dimensional image of tissue-simulating phantoms, small animals, and other types of tissue submerged in the imaging module.


LOIS-3D is the first system of its kind to produce comprehensive information based upon volumetric optoacoustic tomography depicting the absorbed optical energy (blood distribution and its oxygenation). This provides an extremely rich set of complementary anatomical and functional 3D images.


System Specifications

Highest contrast on the market

  •     Δμa = 0.03/cm at F = 20mJ/cm^2
  •     Noise effective pressure, NEP = 1 Pa
  •     Noise level 7 mV at gain = 64dB

Spatial resolution

  • Better than 300μ through entire field of view
  • Equal resolution in all three dimensions

Imaging Module

The imaging module of the system is designed to produce three dimensional scans, through 360 degree rotation of either an object of study (in preclinical research system) or the module itself (in the clinical breast imaging system)

The video rendering on the left shows imaging module designed for preclinical laser optoacoustic imaging system, LOIS-3D. It is optimized for rapid scanning without a probe alignment and provides easy placement and removal of an animal holder.


LOIS-3D implements the optoacoustic technology for imaging the small animals for imaging the vasculature, organs, skeletal system and the skin。 The volumetric images give us:

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