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  Whole Animal Muscle Test System


Whole Animal Muscle Test System

   The 1300A and 1305A are high performing, precise test systems that provide researchers a simple method to test tensile and other mechanical properties of muscle.


By combing in situ,in vivo,and in vitro muscle tests using one simple platform researcher are able to capture a complete picture of muscle physiology in rodent subjects. The test systems come with either a mouse or rat apparatus,complete with temperature controlled animal and limb plate dsigned to support and fix the animal and limb being tested. In addition, the system can be converted to an isolated(in vitro) muscle test system with the attachment of an optional 25mL bath.Aurora Scientific’s flagship dual-mode lever system is also included permitting measurement and control of both force and length.


Description: ASI_1300_System_BLACK









   Powerful 3-in-1 design: save time and space while increasing productivity

   high experimental throughput

   Fast data acquisition and analysis software for windows or Linux operating systems

   Dual purpose field/nerve stimulator

   Ideal for live animal protocols:precision platform with temperature control

   Convenience of one test system capable of studying both mice and rats

   Range of peak forces from 0.5N to 10N



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