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  Handheld Gamma Camera

Handheld Gamma Camera

Origin: Germany / Crystal Photonics GmbH
Model:  CrystalCam

Focused on perfection:

The new high performance handheld gamma camera CrystalCam provides unparalleled levels of precision, usability and comfort. Advanced technology meets comfort for easiest operation and maximum protection of the patient.

System Performance:

The handheld gamma camera CrystalCam meets highest demands and o¬ers maximum performance.
• Real time imaging with integrated homogeneitycorrection
• Faster acquisition due to closest proximity to the patient compared to conventional gamma cameras
• 2.5 times better energy resolution compared to conventional gamma cameras resulting in precise distinction between 99mTc, 57Co and other nuclides
• Pixel matched collimators provide high sensitivities and high resolution for fast and precise imaging
Application Field: 
Designed to satisfy the most challenging demands of nuclear medical imaging.
• Pre- and intraoperative imaging of sentinel lymph nodes (SLN)- Preoperative localization and marking of the SLN on the patient’s body
- Intraoperative localization of the SLN and monitoring of the operative ¬ndings
• Pre- and intraoperative imaging of thyroids
- Preoperative imaging as a preparation for the surgical removal of the thyroid
- Intraoperative imaging as incision monitoring
• Intraoperative imaging for neuroendocrine tumors
• Radio-guided occult lesion localization (ROLL)
• Sentinel node and occult lesion localization (SNOLL)

Key Features:

• Real time imaging with free choice of acquisition time
• Instant snapshot by pushing camera button and integrated last snapshot view
• Semi-automatic pixel individual calibration and homogenization
• Dual nuclides with CrystalClearView
• Easy quality control for sensitivity, homogeneity, peaking and null-effect
• Touch screen compatible during operation


The powerful, intuitive and reliable software Crystal Imager completes the sophisticated hardware composition of the handheld gamma camera CrystalCam.
With its innovative design the Crystal Imager sets standards in handling image acquisition, quality control or calibration procedures.

Collimator speci¬cations

Technical data

• Dimensions: 65x65x180mm³
• Weight: 800g incl. collimator and shielding
• Integrated side shielding: 99.97% based on 99mTc
• Field of view: 40x40mm² @ 16x16 pixels
• Energy range: 50 – 240keV (optional 50 – 1000keV)
• Energy resolution: better than 5.5% based on 99mTc
• Sensitivity:
better than 500.000 cps/MBq (No collimator)
better than 2.000 cps/MBq (LEHS collimator)
better than 450 cps/MBq (LEHR collimator)
better than 190 cps/MBq (LEGP collimator)
Extrinsic spatial resolution:
5.4mm at 35mm distance to source (LEHR )
9.2mm at 35mm distance to source (LEHS)
6.1mm at 35mm distance to source (LEGP)
Power supply: USB




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