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  Nuclear scintillation scanning

Nuclear scintillation scanning


Bartec is a leading supplier of veterinary nuclear scintillation equipment to the UK and Europe。

We provide services and support for new and refurbished gamma cameras, processing computer system software and all necessary accessories.

We also provide building and preparation consulting, installation and adequate user training.

Our mission is to meet the growing demand for multi-functional, reliable and affordable nuclear scintillation by providing the latest large-field rectangular digital detector system.

We recommend and supply Mediso AnyScan ® VS veterinary nuclear imaging system, a breakthrough of the newly developed digital head gamma camera system, including our own generic windows-based 10 veterinary and remote on-line acquisition and processing software support。

Mediso AnyScan ® and veterinary nuclear imaging system

This is an advanced digital gamma camera system that provides extraordinary bone imaging capabilities ideal for all planar static and dynamic imaging applications。

The system has high-resolution digital detectors, a larger field of vision, and can scan more horses at the same time, and is also much faster than previous systems.

It has excellent spatial resolution and is suitable for nuclear scintillation imaging of all types of horse veterinarians and small animals, making it an ideal choice for modern practice today。

The system includes the best image processing through custom PC workstations and software.

Running under the Windows platform, the system has a user-friendly interface that allows multiple functions and remote online support (if needed).

Advantages include:

The non - permanent system fits the picture

Clinical maturity technology has superior reliability

53centimetres x 59centimetres in the field of vision, a special horse

Whole department automatic adjustment digital 60hz photoelectric multiplier control allows high efficiency

Horse straightener

 is easy to install and use Bartec custom yoke

 adapt to meet the needs of individual customers

Complete support, all - round replacement parts and related accessories are available

Services and support:

If you are considering providing a nuclear scintillator for your customers, Bartec can support the setup, service, and operation of all your phases.

We offer:

 website preliminary assessment and building (either new or existing), advice on room size and the height of the ceiling, the power supply, temperature control, etc

Upgrading is a precondition for selection, use of fixed solutions, or design and construction of new facilities

Recommend when radio-pharmacyand radiation protection

The suggestion type system is most suitable for your demand and budget

The first method of installation and detector transportation

Complete installation, complete installation in two days

Complete training, general 2-3 day training

 fully guarantee our equipment and software for 12 months

Service contract option for the next year

Line and phone support

 specific customer processing procedures and protocols

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