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  AxolotlBio 3D Bioprinter

AxolotlBio 3D Bioprinter

Product overview:

AxolotlBio creates high-resolution desktop 3D bioprinters and bioinks capable of producing functional three dimensional living tissues。 Built to reduce the high costs of traditional 3D bioprinting systems, the accessibility to researchers and flexible open system architecture for construct design is making AxolotlBio the platform of choice for leading bioengineering laboratories around the world。


√ Multi-functional and user-friendly 3D biological cell manufacturing apparatus

√ can simulate internal physiological conditions in vitro and print 3D cells and complex tissues and organs√ Modular, optional multiple allocation techniques

√  Micron - scale process repeat positioning accuracy

√  create the 3D model using MRI and CT data

√  Includes UV curing module 

Axo Bioprinter is an economical, versatile and cell-friendly three-dimensional biological manufacturing system that enables researchers to print cells, biomolecules, and a series of soft and hard materials with ideal 3-d composite structures to mimic the biomimetic tissue model. Axo Bioprinter instruments provide a powerful tool for tissue engineering, a system that creates organs in a similar environment in vitro to better reflect the cell in vitro environment. In addition, it can better reflect cell behavior, intercellular interaction and differentiation process.  

Technology principle:

Micro Pneumatic Extrusion: the main advantage consists in its ability to deposit highly viscous materials. This technique can be generally applied to most of the cell types and to demonstrate the ability to print and culture multilayered cell-hydrogel composites on planar and nonplanar surfaces

Scaffold-free Tissue Printing: The production of functional tissues

by exploiting cells own abilities to synthesize the entire tissue matrix

without use of exogenous scaffols.


cell regeneration

drug development

drug discovery (3D drugs and drug screening)

solid support tissue engineering

hard tissue engineering bone model

Skin model (soft tissue engineering)

in vitro tissue inspection analysis

AxoBioprint technical information:


Heated Carthridges Available

Maximum Printhead Tempature: 260°C

Heated Printbed: Available

Maximum Pnntbed Tempature: 60°C

Photocuring System: 365nm UV LED, 450nm UV

Extrusion Based Bioprinting:

Dual Print Heads Available

Build Volume: 80 x 80 x 50 mm

XY resolution:Per Microstep 10 Micron

Z resolution:Per Microstep 1.25 Micron

Layer resolution:50 Micron


AC input 110 240 V~2 amps, 50 60 Hz

Power requirements: 24 V DC @ 6.25 amps

Connectivity: USB


Body: Powde: Coated High Grade Steel

Build Platform:Coated Aluminium

XYZ Bearings: Stainless Steel


Body: 420 x 330 x 485 mm

Shipping Box:  500 x 500 x 500 mm

Weight:21 kg

Shipping Weight: 25 kg


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